Pursoma Sea Spray Nasal Rinse

$ 14.50

Why Shen Loves It: Nasal rinses are kind of gross, but when you need 'em, you need 'em. This one is great because it's completely organic and we're told that rinsing helps  rid the body of bacteria, fungus, chemicals, environmental irritants and allergens that can cause chronic inflammation and aggravation. Use it when you are congested, but also if used daily, it can help increase oxygen flow to the body which is known to alleviate symptoms of depression and improve oxygen circulation to create a more restful sleep. 

Not intended for medicinal use. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. If you are pregnant or have a medical condition consult your physician before use.


What's In It: French grey sea salt hand-harvested from the ancient salt beds of Brittany using a traditional method.