Shen Sits Down with Nick Benson, founder of Gentleman’s Brand


Q: Founded in Australia, Gentleman’s Brand has a pretty amazing back-story. Can you share with us how you brought it to life?

Gentleman’s Brand Co. was brought to life by my co-founder siblings Matthew and Sally Woodward. Born from their love of design and Sally’s passion for creating natural skincare and fragrance, Gentleman’s Brand Co. was soon recognised globally as a rising star in men’s natural skincare. They did such a great job in bringing the line to market, building a powerful aspirational lifestyle brand and developing a global business. Love those two!

I came on as a co-founder about a year ago to help scale the business, it just so happens that I have a face that NEEDS skincare (Crow’s feet like a cracked desert from years of sun, surf and wind). I was actually a Gentleman’s Brand Co. customer (and evangelist) before I had even met Matthew and Sally. Meant to be!

Q: Ingredients are the most important part of skincare. What’s special about the ingredients you use?

We always say ‘ingredients are everything’. This is a statement that we live by at Gentleman’s Brand Co. We have this incredible local phenomenon in Australia - our native botanicals are uniquely nutrient dense thanks to their lack of cultivation. This is perfect for an Australian skincare brand passionate about origins. We use ingredients such as the Kakadu Plum, the world’s richest source of Vitamin C (incredible for those crow’s feet of mine), the Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry which is a powerful antioxidant and Organic Australian Macadamia Oil a rich moisturiser.

All these ingredients are normal for us but are relatively exotic for the rest of the world and allow us to get a product in our customer’s hands that works.

Q: What’s your day-to-day skincare routine? Any tips, tricks, or how to’s you can share with us?

My daily routine is fairly simple. I think most guys aren’t looking for a ‘Patrick Bateman-esque’ skincare routine, I definitely fall into that category. I want easy and functional.

Upon waking I take a shower and use our Face Wash with a Clarisonic. I started using a Clarisonic years ago and noticed a difference, such a good gift! I get a little hit of summer from our Coconut scented Body Wash.

I then take 3 to 4 drops of our Face Oil and gently apply it with light pressure. The Face Oil is a nutrient dense combination of organic seed oils and Vitamin E. If you’re like me and partial to a life outdoors, you want a product like our Face Oil; it’s all repair and protection.

I’ll brush my teeth and then take our Face Serum, a lighter moisturiser we developed for the Asian market, pump twice into my palm and gently massage into my Face.

As a side note, I have Face Serums everywhere. One in my work bag, one in my gym bag, in my surf kit, my fly fishing kit, and one in my travel kit. Whenever I feel dry or tired I apply a couple of pumps and feel alive again.

Q: What's next for Gentleman's Brand Co.?

Big things! A generic answer in some respects but we have been reformulating (pun intended) our business and are ready for a bright future. We're sampling some great new products too.