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Pursoma's Hot Tub Bath is No Joke

Jessica Richards

Posted on March 17 2015


One of the reasons I’m friends with Jane Larkworthy, the Beauty Directory of W Magazine, is that we both believe that practically anything can be cured (or at least, soothed) by getting into the tub. Since I opened Shen in 2010, I think I’ve tried every type of bathing elixir – salts, washes, oils, creams (I have a really tough job, I know), and I seriously doubted Pursoma’s claims about their Hot Tub Bath, which Jane LOVES and I happened to need because just in time for the warmer weather, I was laid up, sick, sick, sick.

Pursoma Hot Tub Bath contains “untreated natural clay from the ancient volcanic peaks situated in the Haute-Loire region, salt hand-harvested from ancient salt beds of Brittany using traditional methods and organic ginger root from Sri Lanka”.  It does things like "stimulate circulation and blood flow, open the body’s cells to deep purification, absorb toxins, aid in cell revitalization and help to restore the body to health", which is a tall order for one soak in the tub, but it also promised to relieve my cold & flu symptoms and decongest me, so I was anxious (desperate) to give it a try.

The directions from Pursoma are fairly intense: As a pre- and post-bathing ritual, drink 8-16 ounces of spring water to stay hydrated. Fill tub with warm water (though I made mine as hot as possible, which I highly recommend), add the packet of sea salt and stir with a wooden spoon. Hop into the tub and add the clay and powdered ginger mixture. Stir again with a wooden spoon to fully dissolve all the ingredients. Soak for 15-20 minutes (no longer or healing effects will be reversed), immersing your body, keeping water at a consistent temperature and relax while the minerals go to work. Rinse off  - do not dry off - immediately wrap yourself in a towel and relax under a warm blanket for 15-30 minutes as your body continues to purge toxic build-up. Rest.

I did as I was told and at the end felt horrible, truly - worse than my pre-bath state, which I didn’t think was possible. I collapsed into bed, still in my towel, deeply regretting my actions and dreading what the morning would bring. After sleeping through the night (for the first time in a while), sweating off my body weight (ok, nearly), I woke up perfect and with the clearest head. No joke. It turns out that this bath really can cure anything. - Jessica Richards

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