Antonia Burrell Q&A

First things first.. White or Red? (Wine!)
What does a normal morning look like for you in your life? Give us a play by play…
Up at between 5am 5.30am. time for meditation, prayers focus for the day. Bit of stretching. Hot water and lemon, then a hot steamy shower with oils like fennel, eucalyptus, rosemary and geranium which invigorate my senses to start the day.
Breakfast normally starts with a cold pressed homemade juice followed by something like poached eggs and avocado or sardine mixed with a bit of rice vinegar and shallots on crumpets and salad. Now I am ready….
Are your products for all skin types?  
Yes and all skin tones.
What do you believe is the main root cause of blemishes in adults?
It varies but it can be hormonal, stress and diet or lifestyle related or a complex mix of all. Usually the latter.
And what ingredients are standouts for adult acne treatment?
There are a few. To me, there is no one cure all ingredient for adult acne. What works for one person may not work for the next so it’s about understanding the physiology of the skin and how diet, exercise etc fits in.
You know, Cream Supreme is our best selling face cream in Shen Beauty.. What is in there that is so great on skin?!
It’s a multitasking wonder worker. As I mentioned before, there are many facets to adult acne and I look at and treat the skin with intelligent formulations that have adaptive qualities that can tackle and deliver results to a myriad of conditions all at the same time.
How do you recommend cocktailing your products for the perfect day and night routine?
Mixing my Pressed Serum with Radiant Light Facial Serum Oil is my current winter cocktail. It leaves my skin totally glowing and fresh yet fed but also ready for make-up
What is your night time skincare regime?
Natural Glow Cleansing Oil twice then Forest Dew followed by my mask – Mask Supreme 7-in-1
What is exciting you in the beauty world at the moment?
My new Facial In A Box.  It’s a great way for people have an Antonia Burrell skin treatment and maintain elasticity, glow and lift whenever they want to.
Can you tell us what’s on the horizon for Antonia Burrell…?
More life changing new products coming soon.