Michelle Roques Oneil on Therapie

There’s a certain delight that rises when I create a new formula … essential oils even after all these years still give me such a buzz along with crystals and vital oils, my palette of earthly delights. Aromatherapy at it’s very essence has captivated me for over 30 years, steeped in a deep mystical legacy and a powerful capacity to effect the body externally, internally and psychologically. For me essential oils are the essence of my blends, their versatility gives me a vocabulary that can be honed into powerful synergies lubricated with vital carrier oils and illuminated with crystals.

I’ve always chosen ingredients for their purity, aroma and energetic potency. Our rosewater is distilled and shipped from Jordan and frankincense powder from Oman, we buy untreated rose from Turkey which is quite sublime. I’ve used sustainable sandalwood from Mysore and Vanuatu, I love that these sacred trees are being replaced. These are all products infused with the ancient world. Many of our key oils such as Lavender, Chamomile and Rosemary are grown and distilled in England and as more become available I will add them to our apothecary and eventually create a uniquely British product.

Another little idiosyncrasy in my style that as a numerologist I have always been fascinated by the vibration of numbers and many years ago I started to blend with numerological frequencies, as a result they make our products extremely potent. Each product is layered and infused for fortification and solace in equal proportions.


In a world where the default setting is stress, many are often pushed to the very edge of energetic alignment and balance is difficult to maintain. I created the Therapie Roques ONeil range to help stem this deficit in an over stretched world. Life has speeded up and technology constantly interrupts our natural flow and so our Qi, the vital force that animates all life, becomes depleted. The Chinese say “When Qi leaves the body the spirit dies”. Therefore a potion infused with vitality has the subtle potency to shape shift physical and emotional blockages is much needed in these challenging times.


Each of our formulas has a unique function within the spectrum of imbalances that stress yields. Core to each blend, the complex fragrance synergies found at their heart, each created to help smooth vibrational frequencies into harmonious accord. In a world that feels a bit discombobulated a beacon of light and fortification is necessary. I hope most of all that the Therapie range strikes a deep resonance with whatever support your body and soul needs, it’s easy to navigate and covers fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and deflated self esteem. So whether sleep depravation requires an immediate fix or your spirit needs a lift, singularly or collectively reach for Therapie for instant support and Inner Light for deeper energetic transform