Pai Skincare’s Mother & Baby Range

Sarah Brown on Pai Skincare’s Mother & Baby Range

We started creating products to soothe and support sensitive skin in 2007, but our Mother & Baby range was a long time coming. I had two babies between coming up with the name and concept of Petit Pai to getting it into the hands of customers, because we were determined to get it right.

It was our customers who really pushed for us to create a range specifically for the needs of children. Often experiencing sensitive skin themselves, many were finding their children had inherited their sensitivities, too - as is so often the case with inflammatory skin conditions.

When I had my own babies, I truly understood that feeling of helplessness when it comes to seeing your child in discomfort. When my eldest son developed eczema, it took me back 15 years to my own skin difficulties. But it feels ten times worse when it’s your own child and the desire to find an answer is overwhelming!

So we set about formulating products that were finely tuned to the needs of infant skin, something that would help to set the early foundations for strong and happy skin. After testing hundreds of ingredients and thousands of formulas, we settled on Apple Seed Oil and Mallow Blossom to sit at the heart of our Petit Pai range.

Apple Seed Oil contains high concentrations of linolenic fatty acid, to help intensively moisturise your little one’s skin, scalp and hair. To help settle aggravated skin, we chose Mallow Blossom. Its high levels of glycoproteins and anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe and soften.

Free from essential oils, SLS, parabens and fragrance, this gentle range is also midwife approved.

Of course, I couldn’t mention our Mother and Baby range without the product that started it all - our Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed Stretch Mark System.

This product has seen me through two stretch mark-free pregnancies, but it actually had A-list beginnings. After giving us some amazing press during her promotion of Black Swan, we sent (a then pregnant Natalie Portman) a bottle of Pumpkin Seed Stretch Mark Oil we’d been busy formulating. She loved it, and since then this brilliant Oil has evolved into an innovative Cream and Oil duo.

Most women opt for one or the other when it comes to stretch mark Oils and Creams, but they offer very different benefits to the skin. That’s why we include both; a Cream used in the morning to hydrate for optimum tissue repair and a deep conditioning Oil used in the evening to keep skin soft and supple.

Pomegranate Seed Oil is the only organic source of the most powerful known antioxidant, Punic Acid, making it the ultimate skin cell protector. Pumpkin Seed Oil adds even more antioxidants to the mix, plus essential fatty acids to help nourish and prevent signs of damage.

For extra peace of mind, our Stretch Mark System is 100% essential-oil free, so it can be used throughout all three trimesters.