Q&A with the Founder: Agent Nateur

How did you decide you wanted to start an organic deodorant line?
It happened by accident. I made Agent for myself because conventional deodorant didn't work for me and it's toxic. It mimics estrogen and is linked to breast cancer. After testing nearly every natural deodorant, I found that most made me smell worse so I decided to mix my own. It worked really well so I shared it with friends and they asked me to make more. So then I tested it on 100 people and 90 wanted to buy it. At the point I knew I had something special.

hat was your inspiration and purpose?
My inspiration is nature, wellness and luxury so I wanted to create something that was equally beautiful as it was healthy so that I could feel good sharing something with the world that saves lives.

Natural is obviously the most important part of this product.
Where do you obtain all these fresh, amazing ingredients?

In the US!

How did you decide on the scent of Agent NateurN°3?
I wanted to make something that was unisex and not too strong.
I wanted men to steal it from theirgirlfriends and wives. Luckily that happened!


You make your deodorant yourself, by hand, which is pretty phenomenal.
What is your process, start to finish, and how did you perfect this talent?

I cooked the deodorant for nine months before perfecting the formula. A lot of it was trial and error. Now I have a team that cooks with me. We cook 200 bottles per batch. I still enjoy pouring so sometimes I arrive for that step. It's quite therapeutic and healing. Our ritual is to always play South American Kundalini music during the process. Each bottle is unique and will never look identical since we pour by hand. After pouring, my team inspects each bottle to ensure they are perfect for shipping.

In your opinion, why is it important to compliment
a healthy lifestyle with healthy products?

Because our skin absorbs up to 90% of what we put on it. It's just as important as eating healthy.

A little birdie told us there is an exciting collaboration in the works.
Can you tell us ANYTHING about it?

My deodorant collaboration with Shiva Rose is launching very, very soon. It's called h o l i ( r o s e ) and we are very excited for it. It's lovely.

To satisfy the beauty junkie in us all- what are some of your favorite products
that you cannot live without?

Thanks to Shen Beauty, my all-time favorite product right now is Pai's Rosehip Oil. I use it religiously. It is so incredibly anti-aging. I also love Shiva Rose's face balm. I apply it to the corner of my eyes for a nice glow. It smells so good. I'm obsessed with Josh Rosebrook's hydrating mist. I use it to set my makeup.
Rodin's cream is a must-have. It's super moisturizing and smells heavenly. May Lindstrom's Honey Mud has become a ritual. It shrinks pores and leaves my skin incredibly soft!