Trend report for Fall Beauty

Jill and Jess’s top Shen Beauty picks for Fall

Your “Autumn” Lip:

This Autumn is all about pulling out that earthy red toned lipstick that has been stereotyped as your night shade. Be BOLD by day too!  We are loving “Fringe” by Kosås.  This wearable brick red is the perfect mix of red and brown hues and makes a statement against a pallet of a clean-skin, minimal makeup look.   It's just one of those colors that anyone can put on and look great in!

To extend the wear of your lipstick and perfect shape, use….Kjaer Weis lip pencil …...

Your Skincare Game -Changers:

The atmosphere is transitioning into a cooler, drier season.  Thus, your skin needs are transitioning as well.  Our picks for best products in Shen to work into your current routine…?

Jill-  “Never under appreciate the middle step!  I am obsessed with living waters and tonics.  We all encounter a breakdown of our skin's natural acid mantle when we use a cleanser.  This is something that healthy skin re-creates on its own, but it takes a while and leaves your skin vulnerable.  A living water or tonic will restore this balance instantly and leave your skin primed and ready for any serums, oils and moisturizers you layer on next.  My favorite? Omorovicza- Omoressence! Pour a few drops into the palm of your hand and pat over face and neck.”

Jess- “If you follow my instagram, you know I have developed real love for 37 Actives.  Dr. Macrene is my dermatologist here in NYC and her products are off the chain! Plant-derived and toxin-free, her whole line is the most anti-aging skincare range I have seen in a long time.  I am using the lip and rich face cream daily.”

Jill- “One product partnership I can say for sure is game-changing pairing is Tammy Fender’s, ‘Perfect Skin Duo,’ the Epi-Peel + Quintessential Serum.  The clay based mask/scrub is pore refining and glow inducing followed by Tammy’s completely organic botanical serum.  It will change your skin.”

Jess- “Your new best friend in dryer weather- May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon.  I swear we sell more of this balm than any other product in the store!  I know I use way more than I should, I put it everywhere, hahaha!  I mean, thank goodness I own a beauty store!”

It’s the little BIG things:

It is all about the little BIG things, ya know- those little beauty hero’s you can’t leave home without!

“Love and Sage lip balm is never not on me somewhere!” – Jess.

Jess- “8 Faces is something that I keep in my makeup bag all the time. I love it as a makeup base and it’s so versatile.  Since I am on the go so much, my ‘greatest hits’ I take everywhere with me.  I may need to go from post spin casual to a lunch meeting in the city.”

Jill- “I always like to keep whatever color nail polish I am wearing on my desk incase I chip.  My Autumn shade: I am wearing #20 by Sunday's Nails.  It’s a deep, black-red, 10 free, non-toxic polish, and wears incredibly well.”

“I’ve become that person who carries vitamins around in their purse!” (opens bag) “See, Dr. Sturm’s Skin Food.  My mind is often all over the place and I just need them on me so I remember to take them.” –Jill

What’s Trending:

Detox before you Retox!

New Black Rose Cleansing Gel from Leland Francis uses an incomparable blend of natural butters, oils, and activated charcoal to gently detoxify and deep clean.   

Resurrect yourself.  Pursoma Resurrection Bath promotes mental clarity…enough said?!   Made from pure eco-certified green clay, sea salt, and seaweed, this bath deeply stimulates and helps to rid toxins associated with environmental irritants, overindulgence (wine *throat clear) and technological pollution.

A detox in a jar, Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask.  Much more that just a deep-cleansing facial treatment, this calcium and magnesium-rich mask clears congested pores and brightens skin tone as it draws out impurities.

Your Best Scent for Fall:

When thinking of Autumn, I think crunchy leaves, crisp cool air, and hot spiced drinks.  Scent is such a part of that vision… We picked OJAI WILD, Redwood of Santa Cruz as our best fall fragrance.  Redwood of Santa Cruz marries the mysterious coniferous essence of redwood leaves with musky Angelica root. Leather and floral notes of blond tobacco, German chamomile extract and Petigrain clementine balance the forest.

For your home, Fornasetti introduces its new fragrance, ‘Mistero.’ A union of warm wood and spicy aromatic notes exhales a subtle scent of pepper and cypress combined with notes of incense, laurel and geranium on a base of patchouli, cedar and sandalwood