Why Shen Loves the mega glow-supporting hero, Vitamin C

Vitamin C packs some serious benefits for your skin!
Food for thought: simply eating Vitamin C (from fruits usually) doesn't actually get to your skin. The only way for you to see the effects of Vitamin C is by placing it on your skin or consuming a power shot dose of C as a part of a healthy morning ritual.  
Vitamin C has been clinically proven to literally turn back to the clock and make you look younger!  How..?
First- it is an antioxidant and helps protect you from free radicals. Oxidation is just like watching a banana in your kitchen turn brown- thus is life! We are all oxidizing.  Having an antioxidant helps slow the roll and we are less affected by our environment.
If you are not using a Vitamin C, summer is the time to start!  A main cause of skin aging is sun exposure. Proactively using a vitamin C serum along with a sunscreen helps reduce and reverse existing sun damage on your skin and it’s been shown to protect you from harmful UVB radiation through the day, even reversing existing photo damage on the skin.  #truth
Another huge benefit of C is that it helps promote collagen synthesis, resulting in the appearance of younger, plumper, firmer looking skin.  Starting at about the age of 30 your collagen will naturally begin to deteriorate. If you are noticing creasing around your eyelids and around your mouth, these are indicators that your collagen production is slowing down.  It's time to start thinking preventatively! A Vitamin C serum steps in and halts your body’s breakdown process before it begins.
This goes for Hyperpigmentation and Melasma as well…  Uneven skin tones develop when your melanin production is out of proportion.  Vitamin C is helps to regulate and normalize this. Layered with other facial products, it can even help reduce estrogen activity on your cells!
If your skin is prone to redness, Vitamin C is a good choice. It is a skin-brightening agent. Topical Vitamin C can help skin by brightening the complexion and giving a youthful, healthy look to the skin.
Studies have shown that high concentrations of Vitamin C can help reduce inflammatory conditions like rosacea and acne.  In fact, it is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent! Most skin conditions have some inflammatory component to them. Inflammation damages your cells, making your skin more sensitive and respond with redness and swelling.  Vitamin C can stop damage on the inside of your cells by acting as a protector. My mantra- “inflammation and hydration” If you are supporting that concept you are on the right track!
Using Vitamin C with your regular skin regimen will actually INCREASE the absorption into your skin and boost its effects.  Keep it simple- cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate. This is all you skin is asking! Layer in a serum on freshly washed skin and before applying your moisturizer.  Apply 5-7 drops spreading evenly across your face and neckline. *Use in the morning! You are more exposed during the day than at night in your bed. Use this product daily along side your sunscreen!
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