Something For Bloated Tums

$ 26

Why Shen Loves it: Most digestive remedies are made of synthetic ingredients that our bodies were not made to absorb. Thus, attacking a problem with another problem. Your bloated tummies don’t need that. We’ve created the post-chemical digestion helper. Something® for bloated tums is a plant-based fix made of probiotics, ginger and chloride, that contributes to a normal digestion. It also contains fennel and green anise, which contributes to the normal function of the intestinal tract. Wrapped in a beautiful pocket-size box. Phew!

Supports break down of food, Reduces gases and bloating, Relieves constipation, Feeds "good" bacteria,Re-establishes healthy gut flora

0.8 oz

Shen Recommends: Take two when bloated or when digestion problems or discomfort occurs.

Ingredients: acacia fiber gum 300 mg, fructooligosaccharides 200 mg,
pineapple extract (ananas comosus l.) 133,9 mg, papaya extract (carica papaya l.) 133,9 mg, charcoal 125,6 mg,
ginger extract (zingiber officinale roscoe) 73,64 mg,
green anise extract (pimpinella anisum L.) 22 mg, fennel extract (foeniculum vulgare) 22 mg,
lactobacillus acidophilus microencapsulated 100x109 cfu/g 4,2 mg,
lactobacillus rhamnosus microencapsulated 100x109 cfu/g 3,4 mg
bifidobacterium longum microencapsulated 100x109 cfu/g 2,4 mg

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