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FUR Stubble Cream

$ 38.00

Why Shen Loves It: Stubble Cream’s lightweight, natural emulsion smoothes prickly regrowth, clears pores for fewer ingrowns and protects pubic skin. Containing a similar blend of botanicals to Fur Oil, it provides a dry finish without the use of silicones. Stubble Cream is also suitable for use on other body hair.

2.5 fl oz

Shen Recommends:  Apply Stubble Cream liberally to clean pubic skin and hair. For best results use as part of a daily regimen. 

Ingredients: Safflower seed and olive extracts contain antioxidants with essential fatty acids and vitamin E to naturally soften pubic hair and skin. Shea butter for skin strengthening and anti-inflammatory with healing properties to protect delicate skin.Tea tree oil that is anti-microbial to help clear pores and minimize in-growns.

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