Dr. Barbara Sturm

Anti-Pollution Food

$ 100

Why Shen Loves it: Anti-Pollution Food protects the body against environmental stressors, promotes the skin’s natural barrier function, strengthens the immune system and combats the oxidative and inflammatory damage caused by pollutants.

Daily use of the protective Anti-Pollution Food, ideally coupled with the barrier and other anti-oxidative and heavy metal chelating functions of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s topical Anti-Pollution Drops, will strengthen skin barrier function, protect against and heal skin damage from pollution.

60 capsules

Shen Recommends:  Take 2 capsules a day with water. Pair with Skin Food for maximum results.

Suitable for vegans

Active Ingredients:  Adaptogenes (Ashwagandha, Shisandra, Rhodiola Rosea, Jiaogulan: (boost the body’s ability to respond to atmospheric aggressors), Purslane (telomerase activation), Vitamin E (strong antioxidant)

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