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January Labs

January Labs takes the same approach to their skincare blends as to those used in fine cooking recipes: each individual ingredient plays a pivotal role in the finished product and each must enhance and support the others.

Knowing which ingredients work best together and which do not is much more obvious in food than it is in skincare. If the ingredients in food do not work well together the food does not taste good. In skincare, if the ingredients are not harmonious, at worst there could be a skin reaction, at best no reaction – or benefit – at all.

Ph-optimization in ingredient blends is essential. Ingredients such as Vitamin C, for example, require an Alkaline Ph environment, while exfoliating ingredients need an Acid Ph environment. Many companies add ingredients into a Vitamin C product to claim additional benefits that do not thrive or prosper in an Alkaline base, rendering those ingredients useless and sometimes reactionary. The same thing happens in countless other variations. January Labs meticulously analyzes each addition to every product “recipe” and ensures that they are in the proper and most nurturing environment to perform at their highest capacity, offering unprecedented results at “fiercely” active levels not often seen in products available without a prescription.