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Mothers Day At Shen Beauty



















Happy Mothers Day From Shen Beauty! Get 15% Off Our Favorite Gifts for the Amazing Moms in Your Life!  

Expecting Mom: Pai Stretch Mark Cream is a totally organic two-step system is suitable for all stages of pregnancy (and beyond) to prevent stretch marks before they start. Using the cream in the morning and the oil at night, this fragrance free regiment will help skins suppleness and elasticity, while minimizing tearing.

Mom of Young Ones: We know that sometimes just getting in the shower can be half the battle when you are covered in drool and exhausted. Calm Down Plant Bodywash will make the shower that much more enjoyable and relaxing. Completely organic, paraben free and with only eight ingredients, make your alone time count! 

Luxurious Mom: We couldn’t pick our favorite Fornasetti candle because they are all so special. Take a look at these whimsical ceramic designs and prepare to fall in love.

Outdoorsy Mom: Our favorite sunscreen ever is the Elta MD Clear SPF 46. Elta not only works amazingly but also is oil, paraben and fragrance free and sprays on easily.

Traveling Mom: Whether you are on your way to the hospital to give birth or you are always on the run the Library of Flowers Kit has a little bit of all the things you need for a few days away. Included in the cutest packaging we have seen in a while (and in three different scents!) - soap, scrub, shower gel, hand cream, and lip balm.

Glamorous Mom: Put on your chicest suit and layer on the new scent from Juliette Has A Gun, Gentlewoman. This is a “masculine fragrance dedicated to women” with notes of Neroli, Bitter Orange and Bergamont.

Busy mom: Everyone probably needs a bit of a break from their screens and busy moms are no exception. Pursoma’s Digital Detox Bath is more than a bath it’s a spa treatment in the privacy of your own bathroom. So unplug from it all and let your brain detox as well as your body.

Eco Conscious Mom: Mrs. Whites Unstung Hero is a product we so believe in for a number of reasons – it’s DEET free, it works, it actually smells good and the packaging is tres chic. Effective for use against mosquito bites on anyone over the age of three this is the product that will always be in your beach bag after the first time you use it.

Grandmothers: New to the Shen shelves is Hands to Heart Hand Lotion by Goldfaden MD and it’s now by far our favorite! More than a lotion this is more like a remedy for dry, cracked or aging hands. It is an anti-aging treatment but for the hands and results are instant!