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Phylia de M.

Great hair makes you feel good. It’s that simple. At Phylia de M., we believe that one’s hair tells a story of one’s overall wellbeing. Just as strong roots in hearty soil will sprout vibrant flowers, healthy follicles and a balanced body, will grow gorgeous locks. Drawing upon the wisdom of Japanese nature philosophy, we combine ancient Aztec and Mayan herbal remedies with modern science, creating innovative hair care that encourages your body’s own inherent ability to renew cells and restore keratin. All Phylia de M. products contain our core proprietary blend, with ingredients lovingly cultivated in our private organic gardens, to ensure purity and potency. Everyone’s hair has the potential to become thicker, fuller, and more lush. By working with nature and science, as well as spirit, we can make this change possible. Phylia de M. offers you healing, confidence, and... amazing hair!