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Antonia Burrell Biotech Supreme Pressed Serum

$ 88.00 $ 110.00

Why Shen Loves it: Biotech Suprême Pressed Serum is an intelligent combination of a serum, moisturizer & primer to create a skin perfecting moisturizing superhero.

Antonia Burrell has spent the past five years developing this pressed serum that brings together the dedicated science of green biotechnology with the most effective and rare plant extracts for magical, miracle results that will transform your skin. The Green Biotechnologies Pumpkin Fermentation Technology delicately exfoliates and brightens the skin, without irritation, so go on, quench and awaken skin that glows with strength, vitality and radiance. 

50 ml

Shen Recommends: Apply after cleansing, polishing & conditioning as a stand alone skin transforming moisturizer with, apply 2-3 pumps to face neck and décolleté area or as a smart targeted serum - apply 1-2 pumps under moisturizer, facial oil, or make-up. Warm a small amount between palms and press onto the skin until absorbed. May be used on its own or under your moisturizer.

Key Ingredients: 

  • pumpkin – stimulates skin cell regeneration to prevent and restore signs of damage
  • lilac – promotes skin’s natural repair process ; gives healthy and radiant complexion
  • pomegranate – rich in a rare form of Omega 5 and the only organic source of the most powerful known antioxidant
  • paradise flower – restores skin’s luminosity and evens skin tone
  • amaranth – locks in moisture ; increases skin suppleness and elasticity
  • neroli – stimulates circulation and skin cell regeneration ; skin toning and brightening properties
  • barley – rich in polyphenols ; natural antioxidant

Biotech Suprême Pressed Serum also contains : hyaluronic acid, safflower, reed, Fu ling mushroom, lavender, camellia, raspberry, apple, sage, rosemary, bergamot, cypress, algae, jasmine, cranberry, vanilla, frangipanis extracts...

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