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Rael Healing Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches

$ 4.50

Why Shen Loves it: We know how it feels (and looks) to get that unexpected pimple or two, especially during that time of the month due to your hormone changes. So we designed an improved healing patch to not only get rid of surfaced pimples but keep emerging ones at bay. By combining high-grade hydrocolloid with beveled technology, we created a simple yet effective spot treatment to heal unwanted blemishes without the use of toxins or harsh chemicals.

A single pack includes 24 total patches including two sizes:

  • 10mm (12 patches)
  • 12mm (12 patches)

Shen Recommends: Identify and cleanse the infected area. Remove one patch from the perforated back sheet and apply to the cleansed area. Wait 4-6 hours, or until you see that the patch has turned a faint white. Remove the patch, cleanse and moisturize the area

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