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Skin Design London


$ 105

Why Shen Loves it: Intensive, spa-strength anti-aging retinol crème for daily use infused with 5 skin-boosting ingredients to improve cell turnover and restore collagen production. Retexturizes, reduces breakouts, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles revealing smoother, younger-looking skin.



RETINOL boosts cell regeneration, diminishes dull skin, perfects the complexion.

PALMITOYL TRIPEPTIDE 3, mimics collagen production, combats age-related loss of elasticity.

3 % HYALURONIC ACID, boosts moisturisation, keeps skin plump, hydrated and youthful.

ALOE VERA, GREEN TEA AND ROSEHIP BLEND, soothes skin reducing inflammation and irritation.

SIBERIAN GINSENG ROOT revitalises skin cells, reduces inflammation.

LEXFEEL® N350 Deep impact moisturiser for cushiony skin.

CELLACTIVE COMPLEX Vitamin B3, watercress extract and bioavailable zinc helps brighten the complexion by deactivating tyrosinase and inhibiting melanin production.

KUDZU ZYMBIOZOME FERMENTUM Powerful antioxidant from the pea flower that promotes collagen synthesis for improved skin tone.


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