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Phylia Fulphyl

$ 220.00

Why Shen Loves It: We live for Fulphyl, a nutritional supplement produced through the fermentation of pure organic fruits and vegetables that helps to activate the full potential of the nutrients you consume. This is the only completely humic-free fulvic acid available on the market. It carries nutrients to the correct cells within your body, working to remove harmful toxins and free radicals while encouraging cell health and regeneration, which translated means that you will look much better and get sick way less often. Amen. 

Shen Recommends: Consume orally 5ml - 10ml a day, mixed with fresh juice or soup or apply topically with a cotton ball to aid minor cuts, bruises, aches, etc. Keep Refrigerated after opening.


What's In It: Pure Biomimetic Fulvic Acid (Raw materials used in deriving Fulvic Acid: Citrus Fruits, Sugarcane, Nutritional Yeast, Lactic Acid, Beer Yeast, Rice Bran, Tartaric Acid) The finished product does not contain any sugar, salt, starch, gluten, yeast or other allergens.


"I put Phylia de M. Fulphyl in my smoothies every morning. I also give it to my kids every morning, and they do NOT get sick, not kidding. It’s fun because I make the smoothies with the kids and they love it. Fulphyl is a great nutritional supplement filled with pure organic fruits and vegetables. It removes harmful toxins, free radicals, and increases cell growth and regeneration." - Jessica Richards, Founder

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