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Hot Tub Bath

$ 36.00

Why Shen Loves It: MIND + BODY FIRST AID.  Perfect for when you’re feeling run down from seasonal symptoms like runny nose, chest congestion, body aches, and fatigue, this nurturing bath experience is the spirit prescription you need.
  •  Helps decongest chest and sinuses.
  • Relieves body aches + pain.
  • Improves circulation and thermo-regulation.


Shen Recommends: 5 Steps to Restoring Wellness;  DISCONNECT and put your devices in airplane mode.  HYDRATE throughout your experience by drinking plenty of water.  POUR entire contents of bag into hot bathwater. SOAK in tub for 20-30 minutes of comforting relief.  SWEAT & REST under a blanket or robe as your body continues to detoxify through perspiration.

Ingredients: montmorillonite (french green clay), sodium chloride (sea salt), zingiber officinale (ginger root powder)

ALWAYS: Non-GMO. SLS, Paraben & Dye Free. BPA Free, Pthalate Free, Gluten Free. Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

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