The Nue Co.

Plant Protein + Gut Food

$ 50
Why Shen Loves it:  Protein is the building block to every cell in the body and has a direct impact on our hair, skin, nails and immune system. The Nue Co. plant protein is a carefully formulated blend of organic pea + hemp protein; together they form a complete protein source delivering all nine essential (need to eat) amino acids. We have fortified our protein with food to feed the gut, the probiotic Lactospore 15 billion and the prebiotic inulin. This light yet nourishing formula is easily digested and absorbed.

We do not dilute our products with anything. That includes natural thickeners or flavourings. Stir 2 teaspoons into a glass of almond milk/water or add to smoothies. Tailor with a serving of The Nue Co. boosters. (Skin Food / Energy Food / Debloat Food)

1 tablespoon (15g) = Protein of 2 eggs.

Organic Ingredients:
Yellow pea protein powder, hemp powder , Inulin - a prebiotic fibre derived from chicory, Probiotic Lactospore Powder 15 billion (Maltodextrin (carrier), Bacillus coagulas)

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