Shen offers facials, makeup application, waxing and brow shaping. 
If you’re interested in trying a new cleanser, moisturizer or color cosmetic,
you can request to have the products used during your services!

Shen is located at:
315 Court St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231

*option for an organic treatment, great for expectant mothers

Microblading Service Menu

Brief complimentary consultation is mandatory upon booking your microblading service.


Full Brow Microblading*


For the client that needs a lot of brow help, very sparse, no new growth. 


Brow Powdering*


For the client who needs to fill in sparse areas to achieve a fuller, ombre effect.


Front Partial*


For the client who needs a little brow help, unevenness or lack of hair in the beginning of the brow. Includes brow powdering.


Back Partial*


For the client who needs a little brow help, especially on the ends where brows thin out. Includes brow powdering.


*30-Day Touchup included with each semi-permanent service.


6-Month Touchups

  • Full Brow: $450
  • Partial Brow: $285
  • Brow Powder: $235

Facial Service Menu

Shen Signature*

$175 / 60 minutes / Series of 6 $875

Your skin is your first impression, and regular facials are an important part of making a good one. The Shen Signature is all about you and your skin’s individual needs. This classic yet comprehensive facial will deeply cleanse, hydrate and refresh your skin, leaving you silky smooth while dramatically boosting tone and brightening even the dullest complexion! This treatment is recommended as a first step for anyone wishing to begin a skincare regimen, with monthly or seasonal treatments for maintenance.  


Add On Treatment Options / 30 minutes

  • LED Light Therapy - $40 
  • ZIIP Nano Current  - $46
  • Custom Peel - $65  
  • Dermaplaning - $100



Shen Congested Pore Facial*

$190 / 75 minutes / Series of 6 $950

Designed especially for congested pores and acneic skin, this facial gives a deeper clean with extra extractions and incorporates blue LED light. Blue LED kills the bacteria that cause eruptions on the surface of the skin. Clearing the skin of these inflammation-promoting organisms is a safer alternative to harsh exfoliants, drugs and antibiotics. This treatment will leave your skin perfectly balanced and dramatically purified.

Add On Treatment Options / 30 minutes

  • Custom peel - $65
  • Microdermabrasion - $80
  • Dermaplaning - $100


Hyperpigmentation Facial*

$190 / 60 minutes / Series of 6 $950

This treatment uses Skinceuticals Pigment Balancing protocol to help reduce hyperpigmentation and balance melanin production with advanced cosmeceutical formulas. This treatment, which is hydroquinone-free and safe for all skin tones, combines four active ingredients to diminish discoloration. For best results, a series of treatments and Skinceuticals Phyto+ are highly recommended.

Add On Treatment Option / 30 minutes

  • LED Light Therapy - $30 


Shen Total Beauty*

$220 / 90 minutes

Stress is a small word with big consequences for body, mind, soul--and your skin. The Shen Total Beauty facial emphasizes profound relaxation and total skin renewal. Deeply restoring massage increases circulation and cell nutrition while luxurious Shen products are used to enhance skin health and strengthen barrier function. Red LED light is used to stimulate collagen production, making this the ultimate Shen revival. Monthly LED treatments are recommended for optimal results.

Add On Treatment Options / 30 minutes

  • ZIIP Nano Current - $46
  • Custom peel - $65
  • Microdermabrasion - $80
  • Dermaplaning - $100



$195 / 60 minutes / Series of 6 $975

Microdermabrasion treatments use a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand your skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer layer. This type of skin rejuvenation is used to treat light scarring, discoloration, sun damage, and stretch marks.  Microdermabrasion can improve age spots and black heads.

Add On Treatment Option / 30 minutes

  • LED Light Therapy - $30
  • Custom peel - $65


Shen Glow & Go*

$90 / 30 minutes

Perfect for the day of an event or before a makeup application, this short and sweet treatment reveals your natural glow. Two options are available--either LED light therapy or the Skinceuticals Red Carpet peel. Either option will leave you dewy and glowing, camera ready and confident!

LED option: Custom serums are massaged deeply into your skin and followed with 20 minutes of red LED light - to activate fibroblast cells in the dermis for collagen stimulation, rejuvenation, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and to enhance penetration of nourishing serums.

Red Carpet peel option: Designed for sensitive skin, this gentle treatment was designed for before red carpet events. Skin is nourished and hydrated, while its self-repair function is stimulated in the dermis.

(No extractions)


Milia Removal*

$65 / 30 minute

No frills. No downtime. Just cleanse, extract, mask and go!

*brief consultation is recommended to determine if this is the right treatment for you


Student Facial*

$85 / 45 minutes / Series of 6 $425

This facial was created for adolescent faces. It is a shorter treatment that includes a deep cleanse, gentle but thorough extractions and finishes with a soothing mask. High frequency is used unless the student has braces. Client must be 18 years old or younger.

Add On Treatment Option / 30 minutes

  • LED Light Therapy - $30



Shen Lift*

$98 / 35 minutes

If Botox, fillers and surgery sound more terrifying than enticing, the Shen Lift is for you. In this treatment, the skin is stimulated with gentle electricity--nano currents-- that can help unlock the mechanisms responsible for increased collagen and elastin production. While the nano currents go to work, ZIIP beauty™ Golden Conductive Gel combines some of the world’s most conductive materials with highly concentrated active ingredients. Cone snail venom- a natural topical botox- gives you an instant lift. Bio-placenta reduces wrinkles, tightens saggy skin, decreases body fat, increases lean muscle mass, boosts energy and makes your skin look rested and youthful.


Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage*

$220 / 60 minutes      or     $300 / 90 minutes

Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage is a simple holistic anti-aging beauty system lifting the face, mind and spirit. This technique is an hour long face lift massage using only fingers, thumbs, and pads of the hands to gently lift and retrain facial muscles effectively lifting them up. The method is based in Ayurveda "the science of life" combined with acupressure, Swedish massage, yoga, lymphatic drainage, and energy balancing polarity therapy. A naturally lifted face is just the external pearl of the benefits. On a deeper level the face lift massage soothes the entire nervous system. While lowering blood pressure, steadying heartbeat, promoting deep healing relaxation and sound sleep.

Other physical benefits include: diminished wrinkles and expression lines, stimulated collagen regrowth increasing elasticity, relaxed muscles releasing tension that constricts blood flow, released connective tissue and muscle constriction (a physical and mental benefit), released tension in surrounding muscles, firming and toning muscles, tightened contours of the face, improved skin tone, and refined pores. Mental advantages are: increased supply of nutrients, blood, and oxygen to cells, aiding in lymphatic and blood circulation, released connective tissue and muscle constriction, and increased toxin elimination. Energetic merits are: reduced stress related symptoms such as headaches, eyestrain, muscles spasms, and insomnia, encouraging glowing radiant skin, creating brighter clearer more alert eyes, and balancing the subtle energy of the body. An aesthetic of regaining youthfulness that is beneficial on a physical and spiritual level. Youth blooming on the outside and a radiant glow from the inside. Outer beauty inner balance.


Revealing Eye Therapy

$50 / 20 minutes

Meet the Power Couple, 001 London Ultimate correction for the eyes: Active Commander Eye Serum + Cooling Eyecicles . The Active Commander Eye Concentrate contains a hexapeptide that relaxes the muscles responsible for the formation of expressions lines.   Functioning like botox, it reduces a lines’™ depth after multiple use.  When along with the Eyecicles cool temperature, blood circulation is enhanced, encouraging toxins to drain while boosting oxygen and nutrients to the eye area. As a result, metabolism of skin cell regrowth is enhanced, revealing a tightened, brightened and smoothed appearance.

In-Store Service Menu


Brow Wax/ Tweeze - $34

Brow Tint - $26

Eyelash Tint - $36

Lash Perm - $120

Upper Lip Wax - $16

Chin Wax - $16

Nose Wax - $16

Ear Wax - $20



Lash Perm/ Eyelash Tint - $145

Brow Wax/ Brow Tint - $56

Brow Wax/ Eyelash Tint - $60

Brow Tint/ Eyelash Tint - $58

Brow Wax/ Brow Tint/ Eyelash Tint - $84

Brow Wax/ Upper Lip Wax - $47



Makeup Application - $60

Eyelash Application - $15

Makeup Lesson - $100

Bridal Makeup - $300

Bridal Consultation with Wedding Day Application *in store



Bikini Wax - $50

High Bikini Wax - $60

Brazilian Wax - $70

Underarm Wax - $30

Lower Leg Wax - $60

Full Leg Wax - $95

Back Wax - $70


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    manager | Makeup Artist

    With over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, Liz is a makeupartist and skincare expert who has spent her career educatingothers about clean, natural beauty and helping them findthe right products and regimens.

    LASH, BROW & Microblading Specialist | Makeup Artist

    JOSH BEELER Known as the “brow guru,” Josh has perfected his method in brow grooming,lash perms and microblading over the span of his 20 year beauty career.His services are ideal for those who want to achieve effortless beautywith little to no daily maintenance.

    Esthetician | Brow artist | Makeup Artist

    LAURA KAISER Beauty obsessed her whole life, Lara specializes in enhancingher clients’ natural beauty through skillful brow shaping andcustomized skincare treatment plans.

    holistic beauty specialist | reiki master

    With a passion for increasing the overall quality of lives, Candiceis a certified ayurvedic facelift masseuse, reiki master, certified energyhealer in the Tibetan method, and advanced IET practitioner.

    Kendra Giraldi
    Esthetician + Certified Oncology Facialist + Reiki Practitioner

    Passionate about beauty and wellness, Kendra has been in the beauty industry for 17 years. She began her journey teaching makeup and soon after became a licensed esthetician. For the past ten years, she has provided facial treatments of all kinds in Los Angeles and most recently relocated back to Brooklyn.

    SALES ASSOCIATE | Makeup Artist

    With over 8 years in the industry, Samson has spent years educatinghimself on ingredients used in beauty products and prides himselfon sharing his knowledge with all of his clients.

    SALES ASSOCIATE | Makeup Artist

    Tia is passionate about empowering women and making them feeland look their very best. She is a veteran of the US Air Force, where shebecame popular doing makeup for women who had neverlearned how to treat themselves.