Something For A Cactus Throat

$ 30

Why Shen Loves it: Throats are very sensitive. Sexy outfits, a couple of drinks, hanging out in smoky environments, long nights with friends or just the usual flu season are just a few examples of things that can upset it. Something® for a cactus throat is a refreshing and effective mixture of copper, propolis and icelandic moss that helps to soothe and make peace with that annoying throat of yours. Be angry no more, senõra cactus. Works antiviral and antimicrobial, throat hydration, Anti-Infammatory Action, Decongestant effect, soothes sore throat


Shen Recommends: Spray 5 times onto the back of your throat, up to 8 times a day - as long as needed.

Ingredients: propolis extract 960 mg, iceland moss extract (cetraria islandica) 600 mg,
lemon essential oil (citrus limon) 168 mg, peppermint essential oil (mentha piperita) 72 mg, copper (cupric sulfate) 3,93 mg (1 mg of cu), demineralized water, citric acid, potassium sorbate, maltitol, glycerin. GMO free | refined sugar free | gluten free | lactose free

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