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Hannes Dottir Marine Collagen Lift

$ 56.00 $ 70.00

Why Shen Loves It: Hannes Dóttir Marine Collagen Lift is a complexion tightening and pore refining masque made from the finest natural nutritional supplement grade ingredients. Extremely powerful, our nourishing formula features mineral rich Wild Organic Icelandic Sea Kelp, Arctic Marine Collagen, Powdered Honey, Albumen Protein and Vanilla Bean.  Immediately enjoy a tight, lifted and porcelain soft complexion after just one just get's better! 

Mix 2 parts Lift with 1 part water until smooth. Apply to face and neck and relax until completely dry (20-30min). Soften and remove with warm wet face cloth, or rinse in shower. 50mL

What's In It: Organic Icelandic Sea Kelp, Powdered Honey, Arctic Marine Collagen, Albumen, Cornstarch, Vanilla.

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