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Joanna Vargas Miracle Bar

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Why Shen Loves it: A moisturizing deep cleansing charcoal soap that rinses away impurities to leave a flawless complexion. The Miracle Bar, a mineral rich charcoal soap, washes away dirt, grime, makeup and impurities leaving skin cleansed and balanced. Charcoal detoxifies your whole face and body. Baby Foam, a coconut fatty acid, gently foams for a deep clean. The bar is lightly scented with Lemon Oil and Sweet Orange Oil and can be used nightly. The Joanna Vargas Collection is 100% Natural, Naturally scented, Non-toxic, Made in Small Batches, Paraben, Petrochemical and Cruelty Free.

BENEFITS: Plant based. Free of animal products. Deep cleansing but gentle to skin. Balances skin’s pH.

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