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Lothantique Secrets D' Antoine: Fragrance Diffuser

$ 64.00

Why Shen Loves it: An ideal and simple way to scent your home ! A uniquely blended fragrance, comprised of a spicy Cedar base, layered with a hint of Green Moss, and top notes of Tangerine. Fragrance diffuser perfumed with citrus and spices. Place the reeds into the bottle, the fragrance seeps up through the wood and fills each space with its own signature fragrance. This decorative accessory will delicately fragrance your house to create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Composition: 85° alcohol Not coloured Diffusion time : +/- 3 months Presented in a beautiful box composed with a black diffuser in glass and 8 sticks in natural rattan Senteurs: Spices zest - 200 ml

Tip: Flip reeds weekly to maintain scent strength. To diffuse more fragrance, turn the sticks exposing the perfume soaked ends.

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