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Nomenclature Lumen_esce

$ 165.00

Why Shen Loves it:  Electric Violet

It is the color of majesty and mysticism. Of mystery and magic. Of inspiration and harmony… Associated for millennia with the most elevated states, violet is also the highest frequency of visible light. lumen_esce plays on both meanings of the word, expressing the color’s radiance by exploring the full spectrum of the flower’s scent.  Boosted by a cool-as-cucumber essence of violet leaves, the sizzling Violettyne® shoots high-voltage current from bloom to roots. Petals aquiver, the flower scatters scented powder on a springtime posy (freesia, jasmine, iris and rose). Patchouli Prisma, a high-tech natural ingredient distilled and reassembled to enhance its woody warmth, sheds black light on the radiant bouquet.

100 ml

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