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Nomenclature Lumen_esce

$ 165.00

Why Shen Loves it: One of the one of the earliest triumphs of fragrance chemistry that captures the scent of violets, are ionones and ever since, these synthetic molecules have been a pillar of perfumery. Violettyne is the 21st century’s answer to “their wistful, powdery fragrance: a hyper realistic bright violet with a metallic vibration, edged in fluorescent green. Associated for millennia with the most elevated states, violet is also the highest frequency of visible light. In lumen_esce, Frank Voelkl plays on both meanings of the word, expressing the color’s radiance by exploring the full spectrum of the flower’s scent. Boosted by a cool-as-cucumber essence of violet leaves, the sizzling Violettyne® shoots high-voltage current from bloom to roots. Petals aquiver, the flower scatters scented powder on a springtime posy (freesia, jasmine, iris and rose). Patchouli Prisma, a high-tech natural ingredient distilled and reassembled to enhance its woody warmth (Frank often uses violet leaves and woody accords in his most memorable fragrances; I can always tell his signature), sheds black light on the radiant bouquet. \VIOLETTYNE®, VIOLET LEAVES, FREESIA,JASMIN SAMBAC, BULGARIAN ROSE,BERGAMOT, PATCHOULI PRISMA 100ml

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