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Skin Design London Acne Serum

$ 125.00

Why Shen Loves it: Tackle problem skin sensitively with a daily deep treatment to control bacteria, clear dead cells, prevent blocked pores and soothe a troubled complexion. A unique botanical complex contains patented anti-microbial peptides that work synergistically with salicylic acid for maximum pore penetration with minimal irritation.



GRANACTIVE ACNE Botanical complex containing patented anti-microbial oligopeptide-10.

KUDZU ZYMBIOZOME FERMENTUM Powerful antioxidant from the pea flower that promotes collagen synthesis for improved skin tone.

SOLANUM LYCOPERSICUM (TOMATO) FRUIT EXTRACT Vitamin and minerals- rich, balances skin pH to regulate sebum production. Contains Lycopene, a powerful anti-oxidant to help prevent collagen deterioration.

SALICYLIC & AZELAIC ACIDS Highly tolerable for sensitive skin, helps clear dead cells to prevent the formation of sebum plugs.


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