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Tatcha Aburatorigami Blotting Papers

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Why Shen Loves It: A 300 year old Japanese beauty secret for a petal fresh complexion revealed. Tatcha Blotting Papers Remove excess oil and sweat without disturbing makeup or stealing moisture from the skin. A powder and primer alternative that improves the wear of makeup. For all skin types: oily, normal, dry & sensitive. Fragrance-free. Powder-free. Oil-free. All-natural, biodegradable. No animal testing. Handmade in Japan.

30 Sheets Size: 3.74" X 3.74"

What's In It: Made with the finest grade of abaca leaf, prized for strength, absorbency and softness. No pulp to dry and irritate delicate skin and remove makeup. Real gold flake in each leaflet for authenticity (gold flake will not transfer onto skin.)

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