• The Goodnight Co. Crystals: Sweet Dreams

The Goodnight Co. Crystals: Sweet Dreams

$ 32.00

The Goodnight Co’s Sweet Dreams crystal set is the perfect solution to a bad night’s sleep, providing positive energy to relax the body, while calming and quieting the mind. This set combines amethyst and howlite stones to improve your sleeping experience. Amethyst stimulates healing, regulates the imbalances in your life and encourages lucid dreaming. Howlite is a super stone that slows down overactivity in the mind and helps you achieve a deep and restful sleep. HOW TO USE YOUR CRYSTALS Your tumble stones work best when they are kept close during sleep and can also be used to boost spirituality during meditation. As crystals remove negative energy, they should be cleansed under cool water every 1-2 weeks and recharged under a full moon when possible.