The Nue Co.

Glowing Skin Food Prebiotic

$ 75
Why Shen Loves it:  Your diet has a huge impact on your health and nowhere is this more visible than on your skin. A diet of low protein, high sugar and low antioxidants can result in premature ageing of the skin. Our formula works together to provide an antioxidant boost while also delivering anti inflammatory and cell-renewal qualities. High in vitamin C, E and rich in beta-carotene, this blend is totally food-based, making it easy for the body to digest and absorb every nutrient. Fortified with the prebiotic inulin, a soluble fibre which aids in digestion, stabilizes blood sugar levels and feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut.

We do not dilute our products with anything. That includes natural thickeners or flavourings. Stir 1 teaspoons into a glass of water/ almond milk or add to smoothies. Tailor with a serving of The Nue Co. protein (Plant or Milk protein)

Organic Ingredients:
Lucuma fruit powder, baobab fruit powder, camu camu berries powder, Inulin - a prebiotic fibre derived from chicory, brown rice protein

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