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NEW! Therapie: Roques Oneil- Slumber Pillow Spray

$ 42.00

Why Shen Loves it: Based on traditional English oils, long revered for their mystical ability to promote harmonious and purposeful sleep SLUMBER is the work of master aromatherapist and Pure Alchemist Michelle Roques O’Neil. This tranquil and dreamy elixir invites you into deep, nourishing slumber, as it works to unknot the agitated mind, soothe the fractious soul and open the spirit up to its true purpose.

100 ml

“Sleep is the portal to our unconscious. It’s when we rest our minds and heal our bodies, but it’s also when we dream. Dreams allow us to problem-solve and make sense of our day – they can also guide us along our spiritual path. I created SLUMBER to satisfy our increasing need for a deeply peaceful night’s sleep, while also awakening our all-knowing unconscious. It’s time to dream your intentions and manifest your vision.” Michelle Roques O’Neil, founder, THERAPIE

Ingredients: Hemp, lavender, and chamomile essential oils, all grown and distilled in the British Isles, create a calming blanket to cosset the senses and soothe the mind into positive dreaming. Anxiety-assuaging bergamot, neroli and sweet orange promote optimism and a feeling of safety, while earthy spikenard, vetiver and patchouli ground the spirit and root the body. This alchemical infusion is suspended in delicate hydrosols of frankincense, orange blossom and witch hazel, and laced with precious tinctures of gold and lapis lazuli for inner fortitude.

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