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Zador Soap Winter Spirit

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The winter season is a period for surprises and truly festive magic. ZADOR’s new soap evokes the atmosphere of bitter cold winter nights, when the scent of gingerbread and spicy cakes fills the house. It is hte perfect time to escape from the cold winter nights, enjoy the fire crackling merrily in the fireplace and become attuned to the magical moments of life. Fill the bathtub with warm water, immerse yourself in it and evoke ZADOR’s winter world! ZADOR’s Winter Spirit special seasonal soap, with the scents of cinnamon, orange, nutmeg, cloves and grated lemon peel, envelope your body and soul into heartwarming aroma. The gentle and caring vegetable oils in the saop richly nourish the skin. Thanks to the thermal water from Heviz, which is part of the World. Heritage, and the high quality of shea butter content, this soap soothes the skin prone to dryness due to the coldness of winter and he heated houses and helps to restore its natural beauty. The special gold-wrapped ZADOR soap with effects of aromatherapy does not only pamper your skin, it also lifts your spirit.

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