• Ziip Nano Current Skincare Device Conductive Gel

Ziip Nano Current Skincare Device Conductive Gel

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Why Shen Loves It: ZIIP beauty™ Golden Conductive Gel, while used with your ZIIP nano current skincare device, is the perfect amplifier to generate electrical flow, while also containing high concentrations of cutting-edge active ingredients to treat the skin. 

These single dose vials were developed with concentrated amounts of active ingredients, including Bio Placenta (includes 5 human growth factors), Hematite (shown to dramatically increase the synthesis of collagen), and XEP-018 (a peptide from the venomous cone snail that has unprecedented myo-relaxant properties), and a combination of the world’s most effective electrolytes. Recommended to be used with the anti-aging treatments. This also doubles as a treatment facial mask.

18 vials for 2 month supply